Cooking With Tavon - A Vegan Experience.

Cooking With Tavon - A Vegan Experience.


Vegans, Meat-Eaters, Pescatarians, Undiscovered Chefs, and Food Lovers - Cooking with Tavon is back to bring you another entertaining, cultural, and most importantly healthy vegan experience.

If you are in the mood to spark your love life, spice up girl talk, and enjoy a night of food, drinks, and live music, please join us ‪on Saturday, June 27th at 6 p.m at The Choice Restaurant.

This month's topic: SEX DRIVE

Now many people have heard the secret benefits of eating pineapples before a night of intimacy, but who knew that food had the ability to reduce testosterone, limit your sex drive, decrease sensitivity, and slow down sperm production?

Cooking with Tavon is ready to introduce you to the many fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and spices that can regulate testosterone, significantly improve sex drive, bring passion and excitement into the bedroom, and gaurantee a happy night's ending. Cooking with Tavon will get you hip to all the healthy aphrodisiacs, making it an event you do not want to miss!

About Tavon:

Notorious Health Coach and Event Manager, Tavon Brooks, stepped into the vegan lifestyle 30 years ago. Realizing the true benefits of plant-based foods, Tavon created "The Cooking With Tavon - A Vegan Experience." More than a food tasting, this experience is designed to initiate the dialouge on healthy food options and its health benefits, introduce you to a variety of enticing vegan recipes, and empower you to educate yourself and our community on how our food choices impact our livelihood. Each event, Tavon will focus on a different part of our lives largely affected by the foods we put inside our bodies.

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