Tavon Brooks - Cooking with Tavon

The most important result of your event is the opportunity you create for your attendees and yourself / your brand / your project to bond with each other. A well-hosted event becomes the foundation for a partnership, a professional or personal relationship between participants, ideas and solutions to common problems, future projects.

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Event Management

Tavon Brooks - The Thaxton Speakeasy

SmoothLight Productions LLC. offers the full range of event management services including event planning and production for conferences, trade shows, conventions, gala banquets, grand openings, and other events. SmoothLight Productions LLC. offers event packages that include every element required for a standard event.

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Corporate Events

Tavon Brooks - Champs on Jefferson

Our corporate parties are simply amazing! The combination of public relations and international business development makes every event a sensation. We simply love to assist entrepreneurs in creating opportunities for other likeminded individuals.


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